Founder / Marketing Strategist

Bringing more than 15 years of entrepreneurship, marketing management, business coaching and agency experience to the team, Andrea brings proven business growth and innovation principles to the table in every engagement. With an eye on what’s working in marketing, PR and sales processes in a variety of industries around the world, she guides the team to help clients dream bigger and measure their results.


Producer / Account Manager

Creativity requires flow. And Creativity requires flow, and someone has to keep all the pieces organized. Kat is passionate about identifying the steps that go into telling a client’s story, so the process is fluid. She has managed every part of agency and video production projects, from coordination and scripting, to shooting, film editing and design. Ask her about the weirdest prop she’s ever tracked down for a shoot - it changes all the time!


Copywriter / Marketing Strategist

Ronnie is quite possibly the world’s best listener. With 10+ years of marketing strategy experience, he asks great questions, and then takes a client’s passion for their product or service and delivers messages and solutions that get results. He takes what is meaningfully unique and authentically great about our clients and develops key messaging that equips clients to powerfully tell their story.



Creative Director

Kip has more than 10 years of experience specializing in big ideas grounded in strategy. From building brands from scratch to taking century-old companies to their next level of success and helping non-profits look like they know how to manage large sums of money, Kip helps organizations get results through stand-out branding, design and smart user experience.


Marketing Automation Specialist

Jarrod looks for ways to improve marketing systems and create easily repeated successes. A minimalist by nature, he likes his solutions and bios to be short and to the point.


Account Manager

With 10+ years of experience in relationship management, client communication, and problem solving for clients, Sarah is committed to successful outcomes. Clients love Sarah because she listens and understands their needs and priorities and has an easy-going and warm personality. Her special joy is cultivating long-lasting client relationships and coordinating team efforts to provide the ultimate client experience.




Designer / Photographer

With a diverse skill set in design, photography and video production, Zach brings a unique perspective to client projects. He started as an intern, and has grown into an invaluable team player. Zach is a creative, yet disciplined team player and serves in the Air National Guard, which occasionally takes him on adventures around the world.