Great architecture is the backbone of any thriving community, and in Topeka, Architect One’s beautifully designed buildings have drawn admiration for years. Renown for their tagline, “You Know Us By Our Work,” our challenge was to create a website and branding suite that was as refined and structurally sound as their projects were. They were a successful company that needed a better and easier way to showcase their successes both online and in the real world.


With Architect One being a team of top-tier designers, we desired to not only meet their expectations, but to also impress them and provide them with a rebrand that aligned with the spirit of their firm.


We began by developing marks that combined letters that had a structural feel. However, there was a missing sleekness, so we began looking at elements that were already present in their work - round windows, exposed trusses - as inspiration. Out of that came the “^O,” a simple but effective design meant to put the best part of Architect One front and center - their work.


Once the mark was created, the branding suite was built across a number of elements. It helped us establish a brand tone that suited our website, an elegant interface that let their portfolio be seen as it deserved.


Because the design was borne of their signature work, it made their story much easier to tell and broadcast throughout the communities they serve. Having a great deal of respect for their brand and organization, it gives us pride to provide a platform that lets Architect One’s best qualities shine.