Bringing more than 15 years of entrepreneurship, marketing management, business coaching and agency experience to the team, Andrea brings proven business growth and innovation principles to the table in every engagement. With an eye on what’s working in marketing, PR and sales processes in a variety of industries around the world, she guides the team to help clients dream bigger and measure their results. 




Ronnie is quite possibly the world’s best listener. With 10+ years of marketing strategy experience, he asks great questions, and then takes a client’s passion for their product or service and delivers messages and solutions that get results. He takes what is meaningfully unique and authentically great about our clients and develops key messaging that equips clients to powerfully tell their story.



Creative Director

Kip has more than 10 years of experience specializing in big ideas grounded in strategy. From building brands from scratch to taking century-old companies to their next level of success and helping non-profits look like they know how to manage large sums of money, Kip helps organizations get results through stand-out branding, design and smart user experience.



Creative Strategist

As a creative strategist at Bajillion Agency, Martinez assists in marketing strategy, copywriting, drafting posts for social media, and collaborating with our content creators. His passion lies in helping clients find a voice they can share with the world, as well as showcasing the everyday culture our agency strives to foster.



Account Leader

With 10+ years of experience in relationship management, client communication, and problem solving for clients, Sarah is committed to successful outcomes. Clients love Sarah because she listens and understands their needs and priorities and has an easy-going and warm personality. Her special joy is cultivating long-lasting client relationships and coordinating team efforts to provide the ultimate client experience.



Account Leader

Managing accounts requires many different hats, not the least of which is offering great service. With years of experience in medical office support, Jen excels as a conduit, guiding clients through process and working within the agency to help bring visions to life. Her positive outlook is not only infectious but comes from a true sense of stewardship, addressing client needs and her peers with grace and resolve.



Account Leader

Jenni's greatest strengths lie in her service to the client. She thoroughly analyzes challenges and strategies, ensuring that her client's needs and goals are understood and remain at the forefront of their work together. Her refusal to cut corners and to only deliver her very best truly make her an asset to Bajillion Agency.



Account Leader

Keith brings a confidence to his account management, relying on his experience in systems to keep clients engaged and informed throughout the process. He is tenacious in seeking opportunities for growth and loves to collaborate with others in his client work.



Art Director

JD relies on his background in graphic design and photography to take clients and their brands into the digital realm successfully. His love of things that are well-made means he is constantly assessing what tools will provide the most valuable resources in growing our clients' web presence across multiple platforms.




Many of Joe's ideas begin with a sketch, then another, then even a few more. A spirited collaborator with a craftsman's attention to detail, he refines his original designs from inception to completion, aiming to wow clients while serving the reputation of quality that Bajillion Agency is known for.




While Maggie possesses great technical skill, her background in fine art gives her graphic design an air of intuition and whimsy. She's proven on her own but loves being a team player and seeing great ideas come to life. Sometimes it's good to go with your gut, and Maggie's work at Bajillion Agency exemplifies that.




We believe first impressions are a big deal. Megan embraces this responsibility with charm, style and a bit of moxie. Her eye for detail is also present in her photography, growing up a with a father who shot and processed film in their home's darkroom. Her background in media, marketing and sales gives her a special insight in shooting images that leave a lasting impact on our clients and their audiences.




Rachel's background as a photographer embodies our desire as an agency to tell client stories in the best light possible. Her work also showcases the magnitude of what our clients have to offer to the communities they serve. Her devotion to craft is both an inspiration and a joy for Bajillion Agency to share.



Marketing Coordinator

The world of marketing can often feel like wandering in a maze. Thankfully, Melissa is our navigator, guiding us through our daily tasks with a smile and a word of encouragement. She loves being surrounded by creatives and seeing projects through from beginning to end. And laughing. A lot.



Web Designer

A tech nerd at heart with ample experience, Michael takes pride in his work as a web designer. He enjoys learning as much as he can about tech and often spends his free time working on projects. His web design is a reflection of his desire to create a user-friendly interface that also creates client leads.



Marketing Automation Specialist

Jarrod looks for ways to improve marketing systems and create easily repeated successes. A minimalist by nature, he likes his solutions and bios to be short and to the point.



Office Manager

Carmen oversees many responsibilities at Bajillion Agency that include client billing and team management. In a commitment to fostering workplace morale, she works hard at integrating new tools and ideas that only make our workflow better, and does so with wit and creativity.



Business Development Coordinator

As a business development coordinator, Katie is responsible for coming up with plans and strategies that help our clients reach their achievements. She is both creative and analytical in her approach, thinking critically about what solutions are available and attainable for our clients.



Moral Supporter

With her relentless enthusiasm and unyielding positivity against all odds, Sheri is a boundless bundle of energy, providing our team with the morale boost needed to tackle each day with our heads held high.



Bajillion Agency partners with MotoVike Films on all video production projects, so your brand comes to life beautifully, and memorably.

Josiah Engstrom Headshot.jpg



Josiah created MotoVike Films out of a desire to make films and tell stories. Combining the founder’s love for all two-wheeled vehicles and a proud Nordic heritage, the term MotoVike was born. Josiah yearns to capture the emotion and detail of your ideas on film and give you an unforgettable visual experience. His personality can captivate a room, but can make an individual feel at ease, even with a camera on them. Josiah lives in Topeka, KS with his wife, son, and their three daughters. He enjoys frequenting the wilds of Colorado, fly fishing, and cruising downtown Topeka on two wheels.

Kat Keyes Square Headshot.jpg



Creativity requires flow. And to encourage flow, someone has to keep all the moving parts organized. Kat isn’t exactly Nordic, but has a Portuguese fairy magic all her own: breaking down the pieces that go into your story, so the experience is fluid and all those individual parts can serve the whole. For the past 10 years, Kat has worked on nearly every part of agency and video production work, from coordination, concepting, scripting, shooting, editing, motion graphics and design. Kat lives in Lawrence, KS with her husband, Blake and a temperamental tiny lion, Helena. They met filmmaking and enjoy traveling the world, producing independent films, and supporting live theatre.



Blake has been involved in professional video production for more than 10 years. His career has evolved many times, from shooting, editing news and sports, to producing the 6 pm and 10 pm broadcasts at the local TV station, to spending months on the road a year shooting and editing feature pieces, to leading a video team of 10. Blake lives in Lawrence, KS with his wife, Kat, and has a small cherry tomato farm. They enjoy exploring and capturing new cities on camera. He's an avid sports fan, spending approximately half of his summer at Kauffman stadium watching the Royals, and the other half keeping up on stats.

Avery Stratton Square Headshot.jpg



Avery joined the MotoVike team as an intern in 2015 after directing and producing the international award-winning mini-documentary, “Kodak in the Congo.” After working hard, making some cool stuff, and being generally awesome, Avery graduated from “Intern” to “Filmmaker.” She is passionate about all things film–don’t even get her started on the stylings of Quentin Tarantino. Avery enjoys impulsive book and vinyl-buying (but not having any time to enjoy them), playing guitar, painting, and spending time outdoors with her dog, The Real Slim Sadie.

Bryan Winters Square Headshot.jpg



With a passion for the process, Bryan brings to Motovike an eye for detail, and a personality to make anyone comfortable in front of the camera. Raised right outside the city of Topeka, he spent his formative years in the video store owned by his mom Patti, where his love for film began. While getting his degree from KU (Rock Chalk!), Bryan worked for a local news station. After that, he spent the better half of a decade with a local marketing organization traveling the country to create branding films for their clients. He’s excited to tell your story next. Bryan and his wife Melinda live in Topeka, with their grumpy old puggle, Lucy. Together they enjoy traveling the world and the USA, any type of live music, craft beers festivals, and supporting anything that makes Topeka a better community.

Megan Olafson Square Headshot.jpg



Megan has been involved in the creative arts in one form or another for nearly 10 years. Starting with a degree in digital media, Megan then found her way into lighting design and live production. She loves all things tech and will nerd out on lighting, graphic design, and art if you let her. Detailed and ever-organized, Megan lives for solving-problems, finding efficiencies, and constantly learning. She lives in Lawrence, KS with her husband, Joshua and fluffy half-ewok, half-dog, Mac. Megan enjoys painting, drawing, and spending the year eagerly awaiting the arrival of storm season.



Responsible in part for MotoVike Films’ social media accounts, Adam is passionate about creating meaningful content and enjoys the support he receives from the MotoVike team. His early work includes a background in high school journalism, making shorts with his friends, and a love for film director Christopher Nolan’s storytelling.



Behind every high achiever is a coach. Our team of world-renowned business coaches work with clients on strategy, planning, and accountability. (They’re the secret weapon for our rapid growth as an agency, too).




Over the past 35 years, Earl has coached more than 1,500 business owners, who then double profits in their business within 36 months on average. He was twice awarded Global Coach of the Year by ActionCOACH Business Coaching, as well as America’s Coach of the Year six times, as recently as in 2018. With a vision to be a catalyst for rapid growth for business owners, Earl founded The Premier Advisory Group in 2014. The group, which includes sister companies ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Bajillion Agency and MotoVike Films, offers a full suite of services for accelerated business growth.




As ActionCOACH Business Coaching’s 2018 Global Coach of the Year, Coach Anthony helps business owners and leadership teams dream big, set achievable goals, and gives them the tools to accomplish them. He finds personal success in pointing business owners toward their significance and freedom so they can make the most of their impact. Anthony also loves new challenges, having competed in 6 Triathlons and the Ironman 140.6.